Mars Toys Mr Mike 1/6 Figure

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Mars Toys 1/6 MR.MIKE Action Figure MAT008 

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The Mars Toys team produced the "BRBA" 1/6th scale collection figure according to the character's height ratio

and styling details, with superb production technology and high texture to restore the image in the movie

A team of professional head sculptors produced a head sculpt that looks like a real person, with detailed skin

texture performance, and an excellent restoration of the character image

In accordance with the classic costumes in the play, a blue shirt and a black jacket are matched, the jacket is

accurately cut and the superb turner, the restoration of the characters is improved to a higher level, and there is

also a dark green background with blue and yellow stripes. The shirt can be replaced, continuing the fun of the

1/6th scale collection figure of the "BRBA" series


The accessories include: a shovel with an old-fashioned effect, a revolver and 6 revolver bullets, a pistol with a

silencer, a note with "Don't" written on it, and a stamp "LOS POLLOS HERMANOS" paper bag, five packs of blue

powder, five stacks of money

It comes with 6 hands, a pair of black leather shoes, and a specially designed platform for the figure.

※Special accessory: a "face off" pink bear※


BRBA Mr. MIKE (MAT008) 1/6 scale collection figure product features:


-Carefully create a new head sculpture, delicate hand painting

-Proportional body with movable joints

-6 replaceable hands



-A black jacket

-A pair of dark brown pants

-A blue shirt

-A shirt with blue and yellow stripes on a green background

-A black base coat



-A shovel with an ageing effect

-A revolver and 6 revolver bullets

-A pistol with silencer

-A note with "Don't" written on it  

-A paper bag printed with "LOS POLLOS HERMANOS"

-Five packs of blue powder

-Five stacks of money

-A pair of black leather shoes

-Specially designed stand